Victoria Sponge

Back to school September continues with a return to a classic cake - the Victoria Sponge!

Made with equal quantities of eggs, butter and sugar, this is one of my absolute favourite cakes. I have been craving a slice of Victoria Sponge for at least three months now. I know I could have bought one but once you bake your own cakes, it's hard to find a shop bought one that compares. I sound very conceited I know!

Traditionally, the same weight of the 4 eggs (in their shells) needed for the cake is taken as the quantity needed for the sugar, butter and flour. In this case, my eggs weighed 228g and this is the amount of sugar, butter and flour I used of each. If you don't fancy weighing your eggs, just use 225g of each!


225g butter
225g sugar
225g self raising flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
4 eggs at room temperature
3 tablespoons raspberry jam
3 tablespoons apricot jam
150ml double cream

Grease and line two 8 inch cake tins with parchment.

Preheat the oven to 160C.

Sift the flour and baking powder.

Beat the eggs and sugar until smooth and creamy.

Slowly add the eggs one at a time, making sure each egg is fully mixed in before adding the next. Add a tablespoon of flour if the mixture looks curdled.

Reduce the mixer setting to its lowest speed and add the flour. Remember not to over beat once the flour has been added.

Place the batter equally in your prepared tins and bake for 25 minutes by which time a skewer inserted in the centre should come out clean.

Allow the cakes to cool in the tins for about 15 minutes before releasing them onto cooling racks.

When the cakes are completely cooled, whip up the double cream (this will take 2-3 minutes with an electric beater).

Turn the cakes over and spread one half with the raspberry jam and the other half with the apricot jam. Then spread the whipped cream over one of the cakes and top with the other.

Dust with icing sugar and get ready to enjoy a slice of a true classic.