Lastly, scatter M&Ms (or smarties) in the centre and voila you have a wonderful showstopper!

Now the fun part! Stick the kit kat sticks all around the cake. (My 6 inch cake took 30 sticks!)

Allow your cakes to cool completely and then sandwich the cakes together and ice all over.

Kit Kat & M&M Showstopper!

We had a birthday in our house last week. The only thing is, other than me, no one is really interested in cakes in our house! Nevertheless, I couldn't let such an important occasion go by without creating a showstopper worthy of such a special person. I saw a cake similar to this on Pinterest months ago and filed it away in my mind. It really is so embarassingly simple to make that I did actually think twice about posting it!

Start by choosing your favourite chocolate cake recipe with icing. I used a 6 inch recipe as my family only eat slivers of cake not slices and I did not want to be left eating the majority of this cake single handed! Woman V Food comes to mind!

Bake your cakes in 2 tins of whichever size you have chosen.