I Want to Marry You Cookies!

Here's proof that I can keep a secret - I've been saving this recipe to share with you especially for Valentine's Day! This is a perfect cookie recipe for Valentine's Day or any other time of the year when you are looking for a marriage proposal! The theory behind these cookies is that the receiver of the cookies will love you so much by virtue of the cookies that he/she will propose on the spot! If only life was that simple! In any event, these are some delicious cookies unusually made by firstly melting butter and then adding the sugars. This gives the cookies a toffee taste. The cookies then go on to be packed with milk and white chocolate chips made all the more satisfying by the addition of oats. Even if you are not looking for a proposal of marriage or don't really believe in Valentine's Day, believe me, it won't do you any harm to add this recipe to your cookie repertoire as whoever eats these cookies will love you anyway! The cookies can easily be made in a mixing bowl and even I don't use my beloved Kitchen Aid to make them! If on the other hand, you do make these cookies and they do the trick in getting you a genuine bona fide proposal of marriage, please do be sure to share your story with me!

Rather than retyping the whole recipe out, you can find the recipe by clicking here


Baking Notes:

Cookie yield: 24

The butter and sugar mixture will need to be chilled for 10 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients and the cookie balls will need to be chilled for 30 minutes before baking, so please remember to factor this in when you decide to make the cookies (as well as factoring in time for hair, make up and proposal outfit!) Remember that rather than chilling 4 baking trays in the fridge, you can place them all together on one tray and then transfer them on to separate trays when ready to  bake. (See the picture above)

Allow the cookies to cool for 10 minutes on their trays before transferring them on to wire racks to cool.

Just in case you find it easier to work with gram measurements as opposed to US cup sizes, here are the measurements that I used (I've listed all of the ingredients here to save to cross referencing between two sites!):

225g unsalted butter

275g dark brown sugar

100g caster sugar

1 egg at room temperature

1 egg yolk

1tspn vanilla extract

256g plain flour

85g oats

1/2tspn bicarbonate of soda or baking powder

1/4tspn salt

1/2tspn cinnamon

150g white chocolate chips

150g dark chocolate chips

I baked my cookies at 160C for 14 minutes.