Cookie Party 2013

A few years ago my sister, who lives in America, told me about an American custom of having an annual cookie party around Christmas time. It sounded like a lot of fun to me especially with my love of baking!

Basically, this is how the party works: each guest invited to the party is asked to bring a certain amount of home made cookies with their recipe (no box mixes!) to the party. The cookies are labelled and displayed and later judged. There are prizes to increase the merriment! At the end of the party, each person gets to take home at least two cookies of each type brought to the party and therefore leaves with an assortment of delicious cookies whilst only having baked one single variety themselves! I usually host my party on the last Friday in November. It is a lot of fun, it kicks off the start of the Christmas season festivities and we all get to acquire some fabulous new cookie recipes whilst catching up with old friends and new.

On Friday, I hosted my third annual cookie party. The competition was high and the standard of cookies were excellent. There were newbie bakers who had never baked a cookie before in their life and also more seasoned bakers. The first prize went to the baker of the Ranger Cookies made with a combination of porridge oats, rice crispies, dessicated coconut, milk and white chocolate chips - heaven!  All the more so also because a mixer is not required to make these, the cookies can be made by hand in one bowl  and any dishes to be cleaned up thereby reduced - these types of cookie recipes are always winners!

Click on the link below for the recipes:

1st Prize - Ranger Cookies

2nd Prize - Chocolate Shortbread Hearts

3rd Prize - Arya's Chocolate Chip Cookies